Polyurethane Machines > CM110/7

Standard Features CM110/7

Airmotor with 16:1 compression rate.
Cam follower guide connecting yoke ensures symetrical forces on both pumps.
Dual air pressure regulation permits equal pressure on both the upand.
downstroke eliminating pattern fluctuations at the gun.
In-line screens to protect the machine and gun from fouling.
Low voltage powerpack supplies the hose-heating systeem with safer low-
voltage; the isolation design assures the operator protection from high-voltage.
Primary heaters permit full material viscosity regulation by thermo-static control.
Hose: see ”Heating supplies hose”
Guns: sprayguns and pour guns in a wide range are available.
Retract position permits a much longer pump packing life by positioning the
pistons within the cylinders.

Technical Data CM110/7

Maximum output: 7,25 kg/min *
Maximum pressure:110 bar - 1600 psi
Air feed: 750 lt/min - 7 bar, 28 scfm - 100 psi
Weight (without power-pack): 55 kgs
Dimensions:60 x 50 x 85 cm
Electrical: 220V - 40A - 50/60 Hz, or 380V - 3x25A - 50/60Hz

* Depending on viscosity and working pressure.

An airdriven high pressure proportioning unit for use with plural component polyurethane foam systems. Compact, lightweight, easy to use and safe, it is the best choice for on site spraying or pouring of polyurethane foams.

The CompoMix machines are built to the highest european standards of quality. Polyurethane is the most versatile polymer and rigid polyurethane foams are widely and successfully, used as thermal insulators in construction, transport and refrigeration. Spray and injection applications of rigid polyurethane foams are the most efficient way of insulating walls, roofs, floors, trucks, tanks and many others.

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