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Heating Supply Hose Set, consists of
Air hose
Two high-pressure hoses 3/8"
Two high pressure hoses 1/4" (Swivelling end, mounted at nozzle side)
The hose package is finished with a flexible insulation material and a very strong and flexible protection cover.
Computer controlled heating.
The high pressure component hoses are produced out of material with a high
impermeability for watervapour, so that the quality of the Polyurethane
components running through these hoses can not be affected for a long time.

Heating Supply Hose, Technical data

Working pressure: 180 or 330 Bar with a temperature of maximum 100°C.
Voltage: primary 220V, secondary max. 48V Power, depending on hose length, max. 50 W/metre
Length: Hose 3/8”, parts of 15 meter Swivel end 1/4”, 3 meter.
Heating system: Standard Temperature for both components the same.
Optional: Temperature for both the components adjusted separate.

Elastisol has it's own Compomix "Heating Supply Hose CMT01", complete with high-pressure hoses, swivel end, air hose, flexible insulation material and a very strong protection cover.


The hose is equipped with an automatic, computer controlled system that guards the working temperature by measuring the actual hose temperature. The temperature is adjustable in steps of 1 °C.

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